When only leather will do...

By Emma_Alter

Baroque specialist Emma Alter has designed a leather string mute which is taking the baroque and modern world's by storm

Fish and some marvellous chips

By Nicole Wilson

Inspirational music teaching in Amersham binding a community

Climbing out of hell

By Nicole Wilson

At the invitation of Project Inspirar-te , Howard Ionascu, Director of the Royal Academy of Music’s Junior Academy and Academy violin professor and founder of Musical Orbit Nicole Wilson travelled last week to the Baccarelli Institute in Brazil to see music making of a inspirational nature… Nicole tells us of her time there.

And breathe...

By Ruth_Phillips

Cellist Ruth Philips explores ways to control stage fright

Why do highly skilled people doubt they're good enough? The Dunning-Kruger Effect

By Mike Cunningham

Mike Cunningham explains about people who are highly skilled at what they do, doubt their own ability.

Coffee, cakes and bicycle pumps...

By Nicole Wilson

International concert pianist Caroline Clipsham has brought an wonderfully informal concert series for kids to north Devon with talent from around the UK.

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