Delving below the surface

By Nicole Wilson

Norwegian pianist Tina Margareta Nilssen talks to us about her groundbreaking Timani Method which examines how we can use our bodies to help us not only perform better but to feel stronger and healthier.

An altogether more equal music...

By Nicole Wilson

Introducing a new series of string quartet compositions compiled by Liz Partridge with parts of equal difficulty for all players.

Hidden Hertford

By Tom Hammond

Founder of Hertford Festival of Music, Tom Hammond tells about his journey setting up with stellar festival on the rural outskirts of London

Everything but the kitchen sink...

By Mick Doran

Principal Percussionist of English National Opera, Mick Doran tells about how his sons's love of music has led to the set up of a rather unique new music course for kids...

Raising your game

By Nicole Wilson

The new PG Cert, created by ESTA and Chichester University, helps make more rounded, confident teachers. This new flexible, online course includes a week residency and your own personal mentor to guide you on your journey....

Pachelbel Can Can Can

By Maxine Kwok Adams

Classic FM's charity six-hour Pachelbel Canon marathon is raising money for the Charity Make Some Noise. Our Maxine Kwok-Adams went along to make some of her own...

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