1. How do I know if the teacher I want to learn with is available? Don't worry if the teacher you want has no advertised availability, just drop us an email at info@musicalorbit.com  and let us know who you'd like to learn with and we'll set up a lesson at a mutually convenient time.
  2. Your list of teachers does not include the musician I would like to learn with. Can I suggest someone to teach on the site? Of course! Please do let us know of any professional musician you would like to learn with and we will see what we can do…
  3. What happens after I’ve booked my lesson? 
    You will be directed to the lesson form to fill in, in which you tell us the repertoire you will be playing in the lesson (to be received by us no less than 48 hours before the lesson occurs). You can also tell us if you’re working towards a particular goal e.g. an exam/concert. You will receive instructions on how to set up your free Zoom account to access the lesson.
  4. What happens if my broadband connection breaks down during the lesson? We suggest using an ethernet cable to wire your computer directly to the router rather than using wifi as this gives a more stable connection. If the connection breaks down at the teachers end, the lesson will be rescheduled.
  5. How should I set up my computer for the lesson? 
    Please set up your computer right next to your music or in your line of sight. Do not stand in front of a window or in front of lights as this will dazzle the teacher’s view of you. Place the computer at a medium distance away from you so that the teacher can see you and your instrument. Let us know if you'd like to schedule a free session with us to check your set up before your lesson, by emailing info@musicalorbit.com .
  6. Do I need a microphone? We recommend plugging in an external microphone such as the Samson GoMic which is available cheaply online, particularly if you are playing a loud instrument such as a piano. Most new computers (2 years old or less) cope well with the volume of most instruments, but if you want to check to see if you need an external microphone, please do drop us an email at info@musicalorbit.com and we will test your built-in computer microphone with you.
  7. Why do I get an echo when I am in a Zoom meeting? 
    Usually this is because your microphone and speakers are too close together. If you have an external mic, try moving it away from the speakers. If you are experiencing an echo, check this, leave the meeting then re enter the room. If the problem persists, ring the Musical Orbit helpline on +44 (0) 333 011 9444  (Helpline is always available during lessons. At other times you can leave a message and we will get back to you asap)
  8. How do I record my lesson?
    Let us know that you'd like your lesson recorded when you fill in the lesson info form and we will record the lesson for you and send it to you afterwards. 
  9. I can’t hear the other person in the meeting/ they can’t hear me. What should I do? 
    At the bottom of the Zoom window, go to ‘Audio’ and make sure that you are using the computer’s audio (or the external mic if you have one plugged in) and that you have checked the box marked ‘automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting’. You can also use the option to ‘check mic and speaker’ on this page. If the problem persists, ring Musical Orbit on +44 (0) 333 011 9444  and we will help you. (Helpline is always available during lessons. At other times you can leave a message and we will get back to you asap)
  10. How is my child protected during the lesson? 
    If your child is under 18 years of age they must have a responsible adult in the room with them throughout the lesson.  

  11. We hope you enjoy your Musical Orbit lesson and we always welcome any feedback to help us give you the best service possible. Please contact us anytime at support@musicalorbit.com with your thoughts/suggestions.

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