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By Nicole Wilson  -  08 January 2015

Cor blimey... Helena Wood , Leader of the RTE Symphony Orchestra has sorted her problem of finding a case that is super lightweight and carries everything she needs. She got desperate a few years ago and so approached case maker Howard Wiseman ( and worked with him to design this frankly phenomenal case. This carbon fibre sleek oblong case weighs in at a mere 2kg. It has an detachable music case on the outside which has attachments to make it bigger if you're ploughing your way through a particularly large score.

Helena and Howard have designed a totally waterproof case ( I'll dunk it in beer next week to check that claim...) with 8 pillar posts inside which mean the violin's suspended inside and doesn't need tying in- good for a quick getaway. It's got nice padded shoulder straps and great locks which you turn 180• before you lock them down so there's an extra layer of security in case you haven't shut them properly. There are removable pads so that slightly different sized violins can be snugly fitted into the main body, shoulder rest ties for the largest rest and a spacious pencil case for all your bits and bobs.

Most fabulously though, I think is the bow arrangement inside. You can place 3 bows in front of each other and there's also a place at the top for an extra bow which can be made smaller to fit a baroque bow or a baton if you have ideas above your station;)

Well done Helena and Howard! They are of course pricey coming in around £1800 depending on the interior fittings you want but I have to say- you would never need another case and it comes with a life time guarantee so you would never have to fork out for another... Bargain!

Wiseman makes useful, robust cases for all sorts of instruments - see if he has one you like at

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