Practice for me?

Well I’ve seen it all now! The lovely folk at Cardiff Violins have just shown me the ToneRite Violin 3G (can we ever trust a product with such questionable spelling?…) I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw this device clipped to the bridge of a violin and switched on sending electrical impulses through to the violin to ‘warm it up’. It’s been designed to help wake up/improve the resonance of violins which have sat unplayed for any length of time (perhaps a fiddle that’s been having work done to it or the owner’s won a month long holiday in the Bahamas…).

The ToneRite Violin 3D in action.

 It can also be used on a regular basis as an ongoing treatment to get the best possible resonance from your violin. I haven’t ever tried one myself so I can’t vouch for them but Cardiff Violins have sold quite a few so there must be fiddlers out there who want a microwave violin warm up. To have a peek, go to ToneRite where you can read the testimonials and see what you think. If any of you do try them out, please let us know if it has improved your instrument. But of course what I really want to know is will they invent one that does microwave violin practice for you?…

18 June 2017