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By Maxine Kwok Adams  -  04 February 2015

Maybe one day I'll have the good fortune to play on a completely crystallised violin - until then the only serious blinging that I've been able to have done was to ask a friend to create a truly unique memento using the violin I performed on during the 2012 Olympics. (You'll have to come to my webinar to see that!)

I have seen crystallised pegs and tailpieces but I worry about sticky rosin dust getting caught between the crystals and creating dust traps, but I did have the good fortune to discover a couple of wonderful substitutes. A Twitter follower sent me an eBay link to a blingy mute two years ago and I just had to order it! On its arrival I was in a huge state of excitement especially as the seller had included a note asking if I was in the LSO, she was making the mutes for her young daughter and friends and they were LSO fans! (nice to know I have a lot in common with 13 year olds!)  We started to correspond and as people noticed my mute it seemed there was quite a demand! I'm glad to say Bling4strings mutes are now being used in orchestras all over the world. Www.bling4strings.co.uk

Another wonderful addition to my violin was discovering Luxitune. The brainchild of Katherine Fong, violinist of the Met opera in NY she collaborated with a jeweller to create stunning violin tuners. For someone who had been sticking a solitary crystal (with blu tack..) onto the tuner for some years this was a very exciting discovery. I have to say the pave ball tuner is great as it's so much larger than the average tuner and therefore very ergonomic. Currently in the collection is a skull for the scary ones amongst you (which I also have ) and for the discerning man in your life or if you like your bling discreet, the solitaire collection. Www.luxitune.com

So come on, if you love bling, I'm sure your instrument would appreciate some too! 

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