The Lost Chord

By Simon_Mulligan  -  04 March 2015

What’s In A Last Chord?

We’re all well aware of the ‘lost’ chord.  Musicians quake in fear lest they stumble upon that elusive chordal voicing that has never been committed to manuscript, be it upon a piano, guitar, zither, you name it.  It is the stuff of pirate folklore that he or she who ‘finds' the lost chord while out to sea, plucking at their ukulele or fumbling at their harmonium, is certain to end up in Davy Jones’s Locker.  Yes yes, ’The Lost Chord’ is really a famous song by renowned English composer Arthur Sullivan, but hey.

If last chords are anything to go by, then consider this meaty beast, asked for by Argentinian composer Alberto Ginastera to be played at the very end of his first piano concerto.  I shall be performing this work three times next month with Leonard Slatkin conducting the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. It’s a fantastically exuberant, aggressive, impetuous work and I hope you can either come to the gorgeous symphony hall in Detroit, or listen in live to the stream on Friday 17th April!  Details here

Meanwhile, a 26-note chord to be played quadruple forte by ten fingers?  Why not!

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