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By Maxine Kwok Adams  -  01 December 2014

Touring  with an orchestra is a gruelling business but Maxine helps us find a stylish way to travel even when we're feeling exhausted...

On entering the profession you can do worse than asking friends and family for a set of nesting suitcases as a gift. I never thought I would take an interest in anything so mundane as luggage but when you travel thousands of miles a year and need to lug your case from place to place, you start taking this stuff really seriously! I have to admit to having watched YouTube videos on "how to pack like a ninja" but these are not exactly helpful when half your suitcase needs to revolve around smart black clothes and shoes that can't really double as daywear. 

My current cases of choice are Rimowa as they "nest", are light and spin on four wheels. (Look you can also use it as a guitar..) The disadvantage is that you cannot overstuff a Rimowa.. So if you like shopping on tour pack a small hard wearing folding bag that can be checked in as well incase of emergency! I have had a situation where both zips have burst off the rails on lesser brand suitcases as I was due to leave the hotel for the airport - a very stressful 15 mins ensued and I was very thankful for a helpful hotel porter and a pair of scissors. After that event, I decided to invest in better quality cases, and don't forget musicians, it's all tax deductible ! 

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