"Working with Musical Orbit has been a pleasure. Having access to such a diverse range of music professionals make them truly unique and their ability to advise and support a myriad of musical endeavours make them a welcome partner for any organisation.

The system of online lessons is easy to set up and the staff at Musical Orbit are always on hand to offer technical support. Being able to access tuition of such a high standard is of immeasurable value and especially exciting for students in an international setting.

An impressive and friendly organisation which I would wholeheartedly recommend!"

Marco A. Zambonini (Head of Music, Dubai College and President, Arabian Youth Orchestra)

"The ability to get music tuition online from absolutely top professionals is staggering - and inspiring. I love it. The technology works really well - I'd definitely recommend anyone to give it a shot"

Edward (Berlin)

“ Musical Orbit have been great at helping me return to playing the piano after a break of a few years. They have been efficient and have found me a well suited teacher and they very organised and flexible in fitting my lessons around my work schedule. Theo, my piano teacher is enthusiastic, patient and a brilliant teacher. Thank you Musical Orbit!”

Rakhi (London) 

"My online lesson was wonderful. My teacher was incredibly helpful and it was really interesting to watch the recording back.  I don't think I realised how low I was holding my elbow until I saw it on screen and I could see exactly what she was talking about.  Her advice was excellent and she had such a lovely nature.  Thank you for your professionalism and the personal care you took to ensure it all worked smoothly.  I would certainly like to use the service again and I will recommend it to my pupils. With much gratitude,"

Jenny (music teacher, UK)

"I think that having the lesson recorded is absolutely brilliant, I could hear how I sounded and it helped me to keep all the valuable information from the lesson. It was my first online lesson ever and I thought it was brilliant. I’m a fan now!"
Nuno Carapina (Portugal)

"It was a  great comfort to be in my own home. There are of course some limitations including the impossibility of touching arms or hands to point out problems in the technique, however I think these limitations are compensated for by the advantage of not having to travel and the quality of professors."
Alessandro Cannizzaro (Italy)

"These lessons are very beneficial to everyone like me that hasn't had enough one to one tutoring in orchestral playing. The online lesson worked very well and it was a great experience.’"
Zanete Uskane (Latvia)

"A wonderful thing about these lessons is that you are in the comfort of your home and you can practice right until the lesson starts, but also once the lesson is over you may carry on practising whilst you have everything fresh in your memory and you may easily prolong the mindset which has been achieved. My lesson was most effective, compelling and satisfying! "
Marcy Buta (Romania)